Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, an executive, board certified ER doctor who:

  • Was on the front lines of hurricane Katrina while deployed with the Maryland       National Guard as a physician.
  • Emergency Services Medical Director and Assistant Chief for Washington DC in   charge of the emergency response to  Ebola crisis of 2014
  • Was on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic.  
  • Served as chair and chief of a level one trauma center

 A former Washington DC City executive, served as the medical director responsible for over-seeing 1,300 employees. In addition, he has also received the Maryland Governor Citizen’s award and a Mayoral Washington DC Outstanding Citizen Award.

Dr. Mount Varner is a member of the National Speakers Association,  American College of Emergency Medicine Physician, International Chief of Police Associations, the American Psychiatric Association Culture Competency committee, as well as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. 

Keynote & Workshop Topics

  • How to be a Fast, Concise, and Effective Split-second Decision Maker
  • Split-Second Decisions for Executives
  • Split-Second Decisions for First Responders
  • 5 Split-Second Decisions Mindset Rules
  • Train Your Leadership team to Make Faster Decisions
  • Leadership Through Split-Second Decisions
  • Improving your Split-Second Decisions Ability Can Save your Company Millions of Dollars

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This was a great presentation that i am hoping colleagues take to heart…. what was discussed was from the head and the heart… leaders need to remember that we lead from both.

-Executive Trinity Health New England


"I heard Dr. Mount Varner speak on the subject of Split-Second decisions and have found is insights and life experiences to be amazing. I look forward to his book and course, Split-second Decisions: Crisis Management.”

Actor Michael Boatman, Spin City, China Beach, Hamburger Hill


“The split-second decisions concepts that Dr. Mount Varner’s explores and develops in his writings, workshops and courses truly shows that he is committed to improving the lives of others. As a former US Ambassador to the Africa Union, I was privileged to work with the best thought leaders in the world. And Dr. Mount Varner is a thought leader who has created a platform for us all to learn to be better split-second decisions makers.”

Dr. Michael Battle, former President of Inter-denominational Theological Center

“Dr. Mount Varner’s course and lectures on split-second decisions are applied in my house regularly. I learned how to move from simply thinking quickly to learning when I was making a split-second decisions. One thing I learned for sure is that Split-second decisions are the most important decisions that we make daily. And it was great to be trained on how to make split-second decisions.”

Daneeka Cotton, mother of 4 and a Circuit Court Judge

"There is nothing more important than making the right decisions. And what Dr. Geoff taught me is the split-second decisions are the most important of them all. Most split-second decisions are decided long before the decisions arrive.

Donnaka Lewis, District Court Judge


Mitchellville, MD, 20721

Split Second Decisions

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