America’s Split-Second Decisions Expert, Geoffrey Mount Varner is a best-selling author, international speaker, ER physician and executive.

Dr. Mount Varner, Harvard educated, has more than 25 years of making split-second decisions that were truly life and death. He also degrees and/or medical training from schools that include Hampton, Harvard, Wayne State, George Washington and John’s Hopkins.

I am most proud that I coached my daughter’s middle school basketball team to 3 championships. And I have coached many of my son’s sports teams- no championships.

20 years of leadership and saving lives in the ER gives you bold perspective

Father, Coach, Best-Selling Author

“You have to make life do what you need it to do to get what you want and you must to be bold and unapologetic about it”.

Combining his life experiences, including being an ER physician and an executive in charge of the care of millions of people, Dr. Mount Varner has researched and developed a unique split-second decisions skill set and thought process which is useful across the board – for business people, teachers, parents, executives, athletes, CEOs, leaders, and pilots to name a few.

This skill set can be used by virtually anyone who has to make decisions that impact people’s lives directly and indirectly on a daily basis to help them make the best split-second decisions possible. Who best to journey with than an ER doctor whose entire life has been shaped to make split-second decisions. Discover the method Dr. Mount Varner learned to make the best split-second decisions possible and to recover from others which were less than ideal.

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